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the Sayville Young People's Opera Workshop

Steven Hailey
Donna Hailey
Current Workshop: TBA
Past Summer Programs


Steven Hailey -- RESUME: Speech Communication

                                                      and Theatre Arts

57 Broadway Avenue, Sayville, NY 11782, (631) 589-8534, <>



DRAMATICS DIRECTOR:    Sayville High School, West Sayville, NY, 1978 - present                       


Developed comprehensive theatre arts program that includes --

            1.         a main stage production (major comedy or drama) every fall

            2.         a theatre-in-the-round or backstage-theatre production (small

                        drama, comedy or musical) every winter

            3.         a chamber-theatre “Spotlite” production focusing on the works of

                        one specific playwright

                        every fall or winter

            4.         a major musical production every spring

            5.         a “drama fest” featuring one act plays directed and/or written by

                        senior drama students

                        every May

                                (specific production resume available on request)


Developed a theatre arts elective curriculum as part of the English / Language Arts curriculum including one semester courses in --

            1.         Acting / Dramatic Expression

            2.         Stagecraft / Theatre Production

            3.         History of Theatre in America / the Road to Broadway

            4.         Shakespeare / Elizabethan Theatre

                        (specific course outlines available on request)


LIGHTING DIRECTOR:    Sayville Public Schools, Sayville, NY, December 2006 to present


MANAGING DIRECTOR:  Sayville Young People’s Opera Workshop, Sayville, NY, 1996 to present

Developed a summer opera workshop program for young people in grades 6 through 12.                             

            Responsibilities include --

            1.         Chairing production committee.

            2.         Selecting works to be presented (in concert w/ musical director).

            3.         Setting production schedule.

            4.         Arranging performance venues.

            5.         Supervising staging (in concert w/ musical director and


            6.         Supervising all technical elements of the production.

            7.         Handling all financial and other administrative matters.

                                (specific production history/resume available on request)



DRAMA ACTIVITY DIRECTOR:    Long Island University Center for Gifted Youth, Brookville, NY, summer 2006


INSTRUCTOR IN SPEECH and DRAMA:   Long Island University Center for Gifted Youth, CW Post Campus, Brookville, NY, 2001 - 2006, 2008, 2010 - present

Responsible for developing curriculum and instructing Saturday morning workshops for gifted students in grade 2 through 6 and summer session classes for grades 4 through 8.

                                (Specific course outlines available on request)


1982 - 1984:    Sayville Musical Workshop, Sayville, NY


                        Responsible for designing and supervising construction of all

                        scenic elements for local regional/community theatre, 

                        (Three productions per season.)


1978 - 1982:    Opera on the Sound, Kings Park, NY


                        Responsible for supervising and implementing all lighting and

                        lighting effects for touring regional opera company performing in

                        various venues. (Four productions per season.)


Summer 1978:    Pittsburg State University “Playhouse on Broadway”



1977 - 1978:    Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS


                        Taught undergraduate courses in Speech Communications and

                        Theatre Arts


Summer 1976:    Lakeside Players, Vassar, KS

            SHOP FOREMAN (Vassar Playhouse)

            BOAT MANAGER (Whippoorwill Showboat)


1975 - 1976:    Caldwell High School, Caldwell, KS


                        1.         Directed/Produced All-School Play

                        2.         Assisted in production of All-School Musical

                        3.         Taught classes in English, speech, drama

                        4.         Coached school forensics team


Summers 1975, 1974, 1973:    Walnut Valley Summer Theatre,   Southwestern College, Winfield, KS



January 1974:  Southwestern College, Winfield, KS



1969 - 1973:    Southwestern College, Winfield, KS

            STAGE MANAGER (Helen Graham Little Theatre)


Certification:       Certified in New York State to teach English, Speech and Drama grades 7 -12



         1977 - 1978       Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS -- M. A. in

                                 Speech Communications and Theatre Arts

         Spring 1974      Emporia State Teachers College, Emporia, KS

         Fall 1973           Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist

                                  University, Dallas, TX

          1969 - 1973       Southwestern College, Winfield, KS

                                   B. A. in Speech and Drama

          Summer 1971   Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

          Summer 1970   Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

          Summer 1969   Sioux Falls College, Sioux Falls, SD


INSTRUCTIONAL EXPERIENCE – Speech Communications & Theatre Arts


            Courses taught:


             Speech Communications  (1 semester course -- SHS)

             Logic and Argumentation  (1 semester course -- SHS)

             Public Speaking and Debate  (1 semester course -- SHS)

 Introduction to Mass Media Communications  (1 semester course --               SHS)

 Stagecraft  (1 semester course -- SHS)

 Theatre Production  (1 semester course -- SHS)

             Road to Broadway  (1 semester course -- SHS)

             Theatre Literature and Playwrighting  (1 semester course-- SHS)

             Dramatic Expression  (1 semester course -- SHS)

             Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre  (1 semester course -- SHS)

             Introduction to Public Speaking  (1 semester course -- SJC)

             Fun with Drama  (summer workshop -- SSES)

             Introduction to Debate  (1 semester Saturday class -- LIUCGY)

 Split Level Thinking: Improvisation  (1 semester Saturday class --


             Theatre Games  (1 semester Saturday class -- LIUCGY)

            Curriculum Written:


                        Speech Communications                                    (9-12)

                        Logic and Argumentation                                    (9-12)

                        Public Speaking and Debate                               (9-12)

                        Introduction to Mass Media Communications        (9-12)

                        Stagecraft                                                         (9-12)

                        Theatre Production                                             (9-12)

                        Road to Broadway                                              (9-12)

                        Dramatic Literature and Playwrighting                  (9-12)

                        Dramatic Expression                                          (9-12)

                        Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre                 (9-12)

                        Introduction to Public Speaking                          (undergraduate)

                        Fun with Drama                                                 (2 - 6)

                        Introduction to Debate                                        (4 - 6)

Split Level Thinking: Improvisation                        (2 - 3)

                        Theatre Games                                                  (2 - 4)

                        IMPROV: Thinking on Your Feet                          (4 - 6)


            Other Written Work: Children’s Theatre

            (non-published -- manuscripts available on request)


            "The Good Tidings of God's Love (one act musical play - children), 1989

            "The Sad Little Toffins" (one act children's play), 1991

            “Surprise for Dinner" (one act children's play), 1992

            “Once Upon a Password” (one act children’s play), 1999

            “Bremen Town Musicians: 2000” (one act children’s play), 2000


            Other Written Works in Progress


            Road to Broadway: 400 years of Theatre in NY

            Directing the High School Actor: NEVER Underestimate!

            “How Does One Die from Poison Jelly?”




2012-2013         Drama Fest 2013, Fiddler on the Roof, All the World's a Stage,

              Hotel Suites

2011-2012         Drama Fest 2012, Bye Bye Birdie, Antigone, Arsenic and Old



2010-2011         Drama Fest 2011, Crazy for You, Barefoot in the Park, Inherit

              the Wind


2009-2010         Drama Fest 2010, Oklahoma, Steel Magnolias, The Creature



2008-2009         Drama Fest 2009, Beauty and the Beast, Simon's Girls, The  



2007-2008         Drama Fest 2008, “Once Upon a Time in the Faculty Room”, “Where Movies Come From”, “10,000 Cigarettes”, The Fantasticks , “An Actor’s Life for Me”, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “All the World’s a Stage”


2006-2007         Drama Fest 2007, “Welcome to Our Show”, 42nd Street, The Glass Menagerie, You Can’t Take It With You


2005-2006         Drama Fest 2006, “Mrs. Sorken”, “Arabian Nights”, “Business Lunch at the Russian Tea Room”, “It’s Not You”, “DMV Tyrant”, “Emotional Baggage”, “Nina in the Morning”, Grease, Spotlite on Comedy: the Words of William Shakespeare, The Odd Couple(s), Street Scene


2004 - 2005       Drama Fest 2005, “16 Something”, The Sound of Music, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Spotlite on Drama: The Words of Arthur Miller, Arsenic and Old Lace


2003 - 2004       Drama Fest 2004, Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Hotel Suites, Our Town


2002-2003         Drama Fest 2003, Footloose, Twelve Angry Jurors, Little Shop

            of Horrors


2001-2002         Drama Festival 2002, “Medieval Romance”, “That’s Showbiz!”, “Marred Bliss”, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Macbeth, “All the World’s a Stage”


2000-2001         Drama Festival 2001, “DMV Tyrant”, “Medea”, Pippin, Steel

            Magnolias, Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls


1999-2000         Drama Festival 2000, “Spoon River Anthology”, Carousel, The Star-Spangled Girl, The Children’s Hour


1998-1999         Into the Woods (Makeup Designer and Artist), Drama Festival ‘99, “I Never Saw Another Butterfly”, Pirates of Penzance, The Glass Menagerie, The Odd Couple


1997-1998         Drama Festival ‘98, “Stage Door”, Crazy for You, Arsenic and Old

            Lace, The Crucible


1996-1997         Theatre Festival ‘97, Guys and Dolls, The Fantasticks, “All the

            World's a Stage”, The Taming of the Shrew


1995-1996         Theatre Festival '96, "Communications 101", Fiddler on the Roof,

            Mary of Scotland, The Creature Creeps!


1994-1995         Theatre Festival '95, "That Light at the End of the Tunnel? I Think

            It's a Train!" The Music Man, Steel Magnolias, You Can't Take It With You


1993-1994         Six at Seven: An Evening of One Act Plays, "Hold Me", Anything

            Goes, Ten Little Indians, On Stage Tonight!, The Imaginary Invalid


1992-1993         Ten Tonight: An Evening of One Act Plays, My Fair Lady,

            Morning's at Seven, God's Country


1991-1992         Eleven at Seven: An Evening of One Act Plays, "A Medieval

            Romance", South Pacific, The Odd Couple, A Midsummer Night's Dream,

            "All the World's a Stage"


1990-1991         Plays for the Month of May: An Evening of One Act Plays, "Women of Spoon River", "Shakespeare & the Ladies, Pajama Game, Rashomon, The Enchanted


1989-1990         S.P.A.M.: An Evening of One Act Plays, cuttings from The Investigation, The King and I, The Fantasticks, Bone-Chiller!


1988-1989         7-UP(2): An Evening of One Act Plays, "Women of Spoon River", The Boyfriend, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Antigone, The Birds


1987-1989         Festival: An Evening of One Act Plays, Carnival, The Crucible, The Creature Creeps!


1986-1987         Wrights of Spring: An Evening of One Act Plays, "Shakespeare and the Ladies", Guys and Dolls, Bus Stop, Picnic, Harvey


1985-1986         Potpourri: An Evening of One Act Plays, cuttings from Spoon River Anthology, Oklahoma, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Faust Part I


1984-1985         Theatre in May: An Evening of One Act Plays, "Life Is . . .", Fiddler on the Roof, The Glass Menagerie, East Lynne


1983-1984         Act V: An Evening of One Act Plays, "Sorry, Wrong Number", The Music Man, Done to Death, Street Scene


1982-1983         7-UP: An Evening of One Act Plays, cuttings from The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, You Can't Take It With You, Romeo and Juliet


1981-1982         9 for Entertainment: An Evening of One Act Plays, "To Bobolink for Her Spirit", "A Medieval Romance", Pirates of Penzance, Arsenic and Old Lace, Our Town


1980-1981         Smorgasbord: An Evening of One Act Plays, Hello, Dolly, The Oedipus Trilogy, The Children's Hour


1979-1980         Act IV: An Evening of One Act Plays, "Sorry, Wrong Number", "The Tridget of Greva", Bye, Bye, Birdie, Macbeth, Auntie Mame


1978-1979         Act III: An Evening of One Act Plays, The Sound of Music, "The Chairs", "The Lesson", "The Bald Soprano", I Never Saw Another Butterfly with cuttings from The Investigation




1975-1976         The Fantasticks, The Mouse That Roared




2012     A Night at the Operas

2011     Cavalleria Rusticana, Notre Dame de Paris

2010     Oedipus Tex, The Second Hurricane, excerpts from Carmen

2009     Down in the Valley, Trial by Jury, The Medium

2008     It's a Grand Night for Singing

2007     The New Moon

2006     The Magic Flute

2005     Tommy, “A Taste of Opera”

2004     Jesus Christ Superstar

2003     Pirates of Penzance, Notre Dame de Paris

2002     Trial by Jury, “A Taste of Opera”

2001     The Mikado

2000     “Petite” Pinafore

1999     Little Mary Sunshine

1998     Hand or Bridge, Trial by Jury

1997     The “Little” Magic Flute

1996     The Medium, The Telephone



Long Island University Center for Gifted Youth Summer Program:

2006     “All the World’s a Stage”


Sayville Summer Elementary School:

2001     “Just Havin’ Fun IV” featuring “What’s It All About, Calvin?”

2000     “Just Havin’ Fun III” featuring “Bremen Town Musicians 2000”

1999     “Just Havin’ Fun II” featuring “Once Upon a Password”

1998     “Just Havin’ Fun “ featuring “As You Like It, Charley Brown”

Cherry Avenue Elementary School After School Program

1995   “Recital ‘95” featuring “The Sad Little Toffins”

1993   "Recital '93" featuring "What's It All About, Calvin?"

1992   "Recital '92" featuring "As You Like It Charley Brown"

1991   "Recital '91" featuring "The Sad Little Toffins"

(no recital was given in 1994 due to building construction)



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